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In 1997, a local St. Louis entrepreneur, Jack Taylor, created the Crawford Taylor Foundation.  His vision for the Foundation was to help make St. Louis a better region.  Throughout the years, the Foundation has supported many organizations in the St. Louis area, mainly those that improve the community, address women and youth issues, animal welfare, and the environment.  Today, there are three generations of the Taylor Family who make up the Board of Trustees.

The Foundation's philanthropic and community relations mission is to ensure that we maintain our leadership position as a valued and responsible citizen by enhancing the quality of life in the Greater St. Louis area. The Foundation only provides grants to qualified tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organizations that are currently in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service and Publication 78 verified.  Also, the Foundation supports relief projects or causes the Taylor Family deems important as they arise, such as natural disasters.

The Crawford Taylor Foundation does not support multi-year grants. As a rule; the Foundation does not fund ongoing operating or salary costs; or budget deficits of an organization. Also; the Foundation does not sponsor or make contributions to the following types of organizations or types of funding: individuals; political parties (candidates or political activities); international organizations; religious organizations where the primary purpose is promotion of specific religious doctrine; athletic teams; talent or beauty contests; organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, age, or religion; for-profit organizations; fundraising for individual's sponsorships; conference or media productions; controversial organizations; non-charitable organizations (according to IRS Codes).

The Crawford Taylor Foundation does not currently participate in any matching gift programs.

Foundation grants are awarded for a 12-month period.  Organizations will be eligible for consideration again the following year during the grant cycle as the previous award.

Our grant process begins with the completion of our online Letter of Inquiry (LoI).  The link to the LoI is located on our website: www.crawfordtaylorfoundation.org.

The Crawford Taylor Foundation grant making process is conducted by the Board of Directors in an impartial manner based upon an evaluation of each request.  Requests may be submitted during open cycle periods (closed from submission deadline through the meeting review period). The Crawford Taylor Foundation Board meets three times each year to consider requests. Board meetings take place in Spring (January), Summer (May), and Winter (October).  Requests for the Spring meeting must be received by January 1st, by May 1st for the Summer meeting and October 1st for the Winter meeting.

We ask that you complete and submit your Foundation Letter of Inquiry (LoI).  Once the LoI has been reviewed and you have been invited to submit a formal application, we will determine if a meeting would be appropriate.

If your organization has been invited to the second stage, directions will be shared at that time; otherwise, please do not submit any media.

As long as your organization meets the Foundation's guidelines, you may submit a Letter of Inquiry.  The Crawford Taylor Foundation considers each request on its own merit regardless of a connection.

Grants are for a period of one year, and requests may be made once a year.

The Foundation does not traditionally support sponsorships.

The Foundation does not typically provide their logo for publication. We appreciate being recognized as a donor in simple typed format as "Crawford Taylor Foundation."  We do ask for approval for all press releases regarding our grants.  Press releases may be emailed to us at info@crawfordtaylorfoundation.org.

The Foundation considers grant requests on an individual basis at regular meetings each year. Unfortunately, the Foundation does not guarantee funding for certain organizations; each application is treated as a new request for funding. Organizations are not guaranteed funding.

As long as your organization meets the Foundation's guidelines, you may apply for a grant from the Crawford Taylor Foundation.  Please note that the majority of the Foundation's support is geared towards the Greater St. Louis area in Missouri.

How will I know the status of my application?

Requestors will be notified by email with their status.


Letter of Inquiry

Once a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) is submitted online, the requestor will receive an email to confirm that the LOI has been received. Upon review, the LOI will be accepted or declined and notified by email.


If the requestor's LOI is accepted, they will be invited to submit a formal online application. Once the formal online application has been submitted, they will receive an email confirmation.

Board Meeting

The requestor's application will be reveiwed at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.


The next notification will be the board's decision. It will occur approximately 3-4 weeks after the Board meeting and through regular mail.

Please note that requests may require a presentation to be given to Crawford Taylor Board members. In addition, Board members may request a site visit, additional follow up meetings, and reports that show how the program/project is progressing.

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